7 Handy Ways to Reuse Dryer Sheets

by Complete Maid - June 12, 2018


Using Dryer Sheets Saves Your Sanity

If you use dryer sheets with your laundry, you understand the struggle of finding them all over your home after doing a couple loads of laundry. If so, don’t throw them away! We have gathered 7 handy ways to re-purpose used dryer sheets for everyday household chores and more. Use these tips to help keep your house clean!

  1. Freshening the Home

    • Even after being used dryer sheets still hold quite a bit of fragrance, this makes them perfect for freshening the home. They can be placed in shoes, the bottom of the trashcan, closets, gym bags, and vents to rid the home of any unwanted smells and leave the house smelling fresh and clean.
  2.  Dusting

    • Using a dryer sheet to dust is not only effective but it will also prevent dust from re-settling for several days. This is because dryer sheets hold anti static properties that actually repel dust. This can be very useful for dusting baseboards, electronics, fans, and other surfaces that tend to gather dust quickly. Simply dampen the dyer sheet and wipe it across any surface until all the dust particles cling to the sheet.
  3. Cleaning Cookware

    • We all understand the struggle of removing baked on foods from cook where. It often ends in a lot of scrubbing and a lot of soaking. With a dryer sheet the process becomes a lot less of a hassle. Just fill the pot, pan, or dish with hot water and place a dryer sheet or two flat on the bottom of the cookware. Then let soak for at least an hour. The anti static properties in the dryer sheet will pull baked on foods from the cookware making it a lot easier to clean. Note: the longer the dryer sheet soaks the easier it will be to clean out the dish.
  4. Removing Soap Scum

    • Surprisingly, dryer sheets are very effective for removing soap scum. This is because the fibers in the dryer sheet are tough enough to remove soap scum and water spots from glass, tubs, and sinks without scratching them. Simply dampen the dryer sheet and rub it across any areas with soap sum.
  5. Cleaning Up Powder Spills

    • Like mentioned above dryer sheets are made of fine fibers that allow them to catch dust and other particles. This makes them the perfect tool to clean up spills of flour, baby powder,¬† and other similar messes.
  6. Removing Pet Hair from Furniture

    • Anyone with a pet will understand the pain of trying to remove fine pet hair from furniture. Dryer sheets make the process a lot easier. Simply rub a dryer sheet across the surface of the furniture and the hair should come right up. Hint: this also works for clothing.
  7. Shining Chrome

    • Kitchen and bathroom faucets can be tricky to wash because cleaning products often leave deposits or water spots. Dryer sheets can be used to remove water spots and shine chrome kitchen or bathroom faucets. Just rub a used dryer sheet over the faucet to reveal a beautiful shine. This tip can also be used on vehicles!

Used Dryer Sheets are Actually Helpful

We were happy to share our 7 handy tips to cleaning with dryer sheets. Who would have thought that those pesky used dryer sheets would turn out to be so helpful around the house? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for more cleaning tips.