Literally The Best Way To Clean Your House!

by Complete Maid - June 26, 2018

Clean Living Room

Relax more when you come home to a house like this every day!

It’s not just click-bait. We really know the best way to clean your house…

When it comes to cleaning your home, it can seem so complicated on what you need to do, what steps to take to make the kitchen shine, or the bathroom glow. It’s a burden, and we are here to take that weight off your shoulders. It really comes down to just a few simple things, and we promise you will never feel like you wasted a whole day cleaning again.

Don’t Get Things Dirty

Sounds like the worst advice ever, right? Just take a minute and really think about it though. How many times have you tried to do something ‘the fast way’ or skipped a simple step that ended up causing a lot of problems later. Here are some tips to make sure that there isn’t a mess for you to clean up later!

1. Get some door mats

Have you ever wondered how your floor is always so dirty. Why do we need to vacuum every week anyways? It’s all the dirt you track in on your shoes. Simply placing a rough mat outside and a indoor mat on the inside of your house will reduce the dirt tremendously. In fact, some people have ‘indoor shoes’ that they were inside. Slippers in the winter and flip flops in the summer means your floor will be cleaner, longer!

2. Clean during downtime

Instead of standing there watching a pot boil, knock out those dishes quickly while they are still fresh. This prevents them from getting grime stuck on and hard to remove later.

3. Maximize passive cleaning

No need to sit there and scrub down the sink to make it shine. Once you are done with the dishes, use the dish towel to clean the sink and dry it to prevent water stains. No need to set aside 2 hours for a load of laundry. Simply put it in the washer when you get home and once you are done making dinner swap it over to the dryer. Finish folding it right before bed while you think about the day to reduce stress!

4. Get a cleaning schedule

Having a daily, weekly, and monthly routine will make sure the house is always ready for guests and keeps you stress free! There are a lot of cleaning schedules online that help you keep the house spic-and-span so  you don’t have to worry about what day to do what.

At the end of the day, it’s a lot easier to swallow 15 minutes of cleaning a day to save you 3+hours on ‘your days off’. Plus, if that uninvited family member or friend stops by you won’t have to make a mad dash to get the house in tip-top shape. We do, however, have an even better tip when it comes to saving yourself time cleaning…


We know, shameless plug. When it comes down to it, for the price of a cup of coffee every day you can pretty much hire a cleaner. I’m sitting at Starbucks right now drinking an 8 dollar coffee, and if I hired someone to come by every month and clean my home it would cost less than 1 of these every day. It saves you time and since we spend so much more of our time cleaning, we can promise that it’s going to be a lot faster and more thorough than if you do it  yourself. Save yourself the headache (and a few Iced Vanilla Latte’s) and splurge on a monthly cleaning. It’s something you will never regret!