Clean For A Party In Under An Hour

by Complete Maid - July 27, 2018

Picture of a party

Before it’s time to party, it’s time to clean! Find out what it takes to make  your house party ready below in under an hour!

You can’t spell party without C-L-E-A-N!

Find out below what you need to do before you throw that last minute party at your house!

We’ve all been there. Everyone is having fun out and you decide to keep the fun going by inviting some friends and family back to your house. It’s not until you get home that you realize you left dishes on the counter, dirty clothes out, and the bathroom looks like it was part of a hurricane. With less than an hour before people show up, what should you do? Well, look no further. We have compiled the best and fastest way to get the house as clean as possible to impress your guests.

1. Living Room and other common areas

Supplies Needed: Empty laundry basket, microfiber cloth, vacuum, broom.
Time: 15 minutes

Set a timer for 15 minutes and lets get going!
1. Walk around the living room and other common areas the guests will be with your empty laundry basket. Anything that is out of place goes into the basket. Place the laundry basket in your bedroom closet to sort through later.
2. Quickly organize and straighten any room decorations while you dust them. Stack any books and magazines on the coffee table to make them look nice.
3. Walk around the rooms dusting any horizontal surface. Place any dishes you find in the kitchen.  Also dust the front of the television and coffee table.
4. Fluff all your couch cushions and cover any stains with a throw. If you have pets run a lint roller over the couch as well.
5. Quickly sweep any hard surfaces and vacuum any carpet. Your timer should be going off about now so it’s time to move onto the next room.

2. Kitchen

Supplies Needed: Dish soap, sponge, broom, wash cloth.
Time: 15 minutes

Reset that timer to 15 minutes and lets do it!
1. Clear the counter. Put away all your appliances (unless you plan on making mixed drinks) and put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and clean dishes away. Wipe down the counter tops and remove any food debris and stains.
2. Clean your sink. Remove any food and water stains from the sink and make is shine. It’s one area guests tend to notice food stains and markings. If you have a garbage disposal, run some hot water with a garbage disposal cleaning detergent or some dish soap to remove any lingering smells.
3. Hang new dish towels for guests to use and empty your trash and put in a new liner.
4. Wipe down the front of your appliances and cabinets to remove any finger prints or food markings.
5. Quickly sweep the floor and remove any food that has fallen to the floor. Pay attention to the areas in front of the stove and dishwasher as they tend to be the dirtiest.

3. Bathroom

Supplies Needed: Toilet cleaner/brush, disinfectant spray, window cleaner, paper towels, broom
Time: 15-30 minutes

Last but not least, the bathroom is the room you want to spend the most effort on. Although people tend to not be in here for a long time, it’s about the only time they will be by themselves and will have a moment to look around a bit more. Bathrooms tend to have brighter light that makes dirty surfaces stand out more, so make sure to put in the extra effort in this room!
1. Start by clearing off your counters of EVERYTHING except soap. Put away all your makeup, personal grooming supplies, and brushes etc. Just stash it under the sink or in a drawer for now.
2. Go around and pick up any clothes and towels and put them into a hamper. Hang new hand towels and a bath towel that is nice and folded.
3. Spray the toilet cleaner into the toilet and let it sit while you wipe down the countertops and sink with disinfectant. Make sure to wipe down the faucet and handles to really make them shine!
4. Clean the mirror to remove any water spots or marks. It’s the area that will stand out the most.
5. Clean the inside of the toilet with a brush and then wipe down the exterior with disinfectant. Pay special attention to the top and seat to remove any stains.

That’s it! Now go around the house, lowering any dimmer switches and lighting some candles. Put on some soft music in the background, grab any snacks and drinks, and prepare for guests to arrive. They will definitely be pleasantly surprised with how clean you keep the house!