Cleaning Hacks from Aloha Maids

by Complete Maid - February 15, 2019

We were recently privileged to have the chance to talk with the owner of a company out of Orange County. As a referral agency for Orange County Maids, Aloha Maids is one of the highest rated house cleaning companies in the area. They get such a high rating because they make sure to take care of their customers. Each visit they complete a cleaning checklist to ensure that each visit ends in a perfectly clean home. They recently shared some of their tips with us and we’ve highlighted a few of the many (over 200!) tips they share with their customers. You can check out the entire list by visiting Aloha Maids website,

  • 151. Prevent Nylon From Yellowing: Add some baking soda to wash and rinse with water.
  • 47. Spray Dust Mop: No time for a full mopping? Try giving your floor a good spraying with your favorite cleaner, then go over it with a mop. Depending on the cleaner, you may need to then spray your floor again with just water, and mop again to remove any residue.
  • 122. Remove Stain From Coffee Cup: Rub with salt and vinegar until stain is gone!

These are just a few of the hundreds of tips you can find over at Aloha Maids! We recommend checking out the list and see how you can keep your house in tip-top shape between visits!