Is Hiring A House Cleaner Worth It?

by Complete Maid - July 10, 2018

Cropped image of beautiful young woman in protective gloves using a flat wet-mop while cleaning floor in the house

If you are wondering about whether or not to hire a house cleaner…we have the answer.


We’ve done the research. Look at what we have found below and find out why for most people, a house cleaner simply makes sense.

1. We know how to clean

When it comes down to it, do you know what chemicals are safe for your very expensive marble counter? Can you use this cleaner on wood? Is my floor actual wood, unsealed wood, sealed wood, engineered wood? We work on houses all day every day, and we know what needs to be done to make sure that each and every area of your house is as clean as possible, and not damage any of your precious belongings. And if something does end up damaged, we have specific insurance to cover it!

2. You don’t like to clean

Let’s be honest, making a mess is normally a lot more fun that cleaning it up. The people we hire are the select few that actually LIKE cleaning! These are people who are happy to come into your house and love seeing the look on your face when you see what a COMPLETELY clean house looks like! Your time is often better used doing something you love to do. Let us take care of the rest.

3. You are too busy to clean

The last thing anyone wants to do after working 8 hours, spending time with family, and cooking a meal is to spend the small amount of free time you get every day cleaning. A dedicated house cleaner is going to be faster and better at cleaning the house, can come when you aren’t home, and guarantees you will be happy with your clean home. As a business we are dedicated to your happiness and make sure everything is done to your standards!

4. You need to clean before or after an event

When you are having family and friends over for the holidays, throwing a party, or maybe just having a movie night you will want to have a clean house. It can be embarrassing to have people over if the house is dirty. It can be dangerous to have people walking around the house if it is cluttered. You don’t need to take time away from planning the party, setting it up, and hosting it to clean. Let us take over for you and make your house sparkle and shine when people are coming to visit.

5. You deserve to treat yourself to a clean home

Sometimes you just need a break. Manicures and massages are great, but you can also pamper yourself by hiring someone to clean every once in a while. It’s a nice luxury that will give you some extra time to yourself. Go ahead, you’ve earned it!

What are you waiting for, book now! We promise you won’t regret it.