How To Choose Your House Cleaning Service

by Complete Maid - August 23, 2018

How do you choose who to hire as a house cleaner?

The decision to hire a house cleaning service is an easy one. You want a clean house, and you don’t want to spend your spare time cleaning it. Once that decision is made comes the hard part: who to hire? Should you go with the large company that is in every state? How about your neighbor’s friend’s little sister? Although these options may work for some people, we’ve put together a list that shows just how easy it is to invite a trusted cleaner into your home. Follow these 4 steps and you can be sure you will be happy with the results!

Let’s get down to it. Read below to find out exactly how to hire a house cleaning service!

1. Do your research!

When you decide to hire someone to watch your child, you don’t just pick the first person you come across. You do research, background checks, and make sure they are safe and reliable. Inviting someone into your house should be no different. They will have access to your home, to your family, and should properly be checked. This is where hiring your neighbor’s friend’s sister can go wrong. You should find out as much about the person who is coming into your home as possible. As a registered business, Complete Maid does all the hard work for you. We background check our employees, do in person interviews, and are insured and bonded to make sure your family and your home are safe and protected.

2. Make sure they listen!

Having a cleaner in your home means they should be ready to listen to you. Maybe you have a specific cleaning agent you use, or a room that needs extra attention. When a cleaner enters your home, they should be ready to follow your direction as needed. Larger companies tend to do the same thing in every house, regardless of your input. At Complete Maid, we have a detailed checklist our cleaners follow, and are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure all your special needs are met.

3. Ease of use matters!

While some companies and cleaners make it HARD to hire them, we believe that the easier it is for you to get us in the house, the easier it will be for us to do a good job. It shouldn’t be a struggle to work out the details when it comes to how much the job will cost, what will be done, or how you will pay. We are 100% upfront in every facet of our business. We give you a quote up front and stick by it. We have a detailed checklist our cleaners follow so you know exactly what to expect. Payment is handled automatically so you don’t have to worry about leaving cash out. We do the hard stuff for you and make it easy!

4. You should be satisfied with the results!

When the cleaner leaves, there should be no doubt in your mind that the house is as clean as possible. We stand behind our work 100% and as a customer, you should always be 100% satisfied. Finding a company that values your happiness can be hard, but it will be well worth it. We offer a 48-hour satisfaction guarantee to make sure that even if we miss something, we will be back to make sure you are happy – at no additional cost. We are so certain you will be happy with the service you receive from us that we created this policy because at the end of the day, if you aren’t happy, then we aren’t.


We feel that the information shared here can benefit everyone involved. We know that is can be scary to invite a stranger into your home, but with these tips, we hope to alleviate that fear and help us all live in a better, cleaner home.