Strange Cleaning Tips That Work

by Complete Maid - July 17, 2018

Dr. Strange walking

You don’t need superpowers to take advantage of these strange cleaning tips.

Mayonnaise has more powers than we realised.

The saucy sandwich companion can do almost ANYTHING… and there’s a few other tricks here that we know will help you with those daily chores!

If you’ve a stain, spill, dog hair-covered couch or scummy bathroom, no fear, the world’s most bizarre cleaning tricks are here. And they all work. Promise.

1. Lemon juice can be used for stains and rust on plastic.

Lemon juice is acidic and will help you power through those hard to remove stains on plastic. Strange, right?

2. Remove water-marks from wooden surfaces with a small amount of mayonnaise or toothpaste on a damp cloth.

We know it sounds like it’s making a bigger mess, but the oil helps the wood to release the marks and keeps it looking great!

3. If your kid has showed off their creativity by marking the wall with their fingertips, rub slightly moist, stale white bread onto the area.

Bam, it’s gone! We never realized how many different parts of a sandwich was going to help us keep a clean house. You’ll never guess how strange the next one is!

4. If your toilet has hard water marks, pour in some cola and leave for an hour before flushing.

What’s a good sandwich without a cola to wash it down with! This tip will leave your toilet looking like new! Strange right?!

5. Rub plant leaves with a small amount of mayonnaise (yup, more mayonnaise) on a small piece of tissue and have them shining for weeks.

6. Vodka can be used on a soft clean cloth to shine up porcelain, chrome or glass.

For those of us who are of age, we can finish our meal with a little bit of vodka! Then we can shine up some surfaces around the house.