The Top-Down Cleaning Method: Why should you use it?

by Complete Maid - June 5, 2018

Top to bottom clean

Complete Maid top to bottom home cleaning method

So you’ve decided to tackle your spring cleaning and don’t know where to start?

No worries, Complete Maid is here to help with our Top-Down Cleaning Method! Just follow our advice and you will be relaxing with a clean home in no time. Lets get started!


1. Gather needed supplies

Make sure you have all the needed supplies before starting the job. Nothing stops you in your tracks faster than needing to make a ‘quick’ run to the store for window cleaner that turns into an hour long shopping trip. By the time you get home, you are too tired to keep cleaning!

2. Pick up clutter

This is another sure fire way to stop your cleaning in it’s tracks. Make a quick pass around the rooms you are cleaning and pick up anything that is out of place and put it away!

3. Start from the TOP

Starting with the highest surfaces means you aren’t knocking dust and debris down later on items you have already cleaned. Now is the time to knock out those high cobwebs and the tops of fans and tall furniture.

4. The main event

Cleaning the areas you are mostly ‘living’ in will make the job seem to fly by. If you are in the living room this includes dusting and wiping down surfaces and vacuuming your furniture and cleaning the TV and any pictures or shelves hanging on the wall. In the kitchen make sure to hit the cabinets and large appliances. For the bedroom, changing the sheets and wiping down the dresser make the room pop!

5. Final touches

Once the house looks great, it’s time to finish with the flooring and trim on the bottom wall. Vacuum and mop any floors, and use your vacuum attachment to run over the trim and baseboard. Depending on your floor type you may want to add a step of adding wax or other floor protection.


That’s it!

It’s easy to make sure you keep the house clean if you do a deep clean once every 3-6 months, and then focus on hitting the main living areas on rotating basis daily, weekly, and monthly. The last step to a clean house is simply enjoying it with friends and family!