Paint Night @ Home in Rockwall

by Complete Maid - August 27, 2019

Picture of home painting
Enjoy the fun without the mess!

Creating an In-Home Paint and Sip Party for your Rockwall Home

Enjoying a night of painting and drinks can be fun. There are several companies to choose from if you are looking for someone else to run the show, but for those of us who want more than 1 drink and not paying $15 for each extra drink, we have the perfect solution! Set up and running an at home party can be a breeze if you follow the right steps!

Whether you’re hosting a girl’s night, bridal shower, or birthday party, paint and sip parties are a fun way to break up the monotony of dinner parties and let your creative juices flow.

1 Month Before

  • Send out invitations. You need to know exactly how many people are coming to make sure this goes by without a hitch. It can be costly if you have a guest list of 15 and only 5 show up. And no one wants to be the person who shows up unannounced and doesn’t have a seat. Make sure you get an accurate headcount by sending invitations a month in advance and getting responses with a few weeks left.
  • Choose your video or instructor. Whether you’re going with a free video tutorial you found online or hiring an artist to teach, make sure to pick out the painting you’re replicating in advance. If you want your guests to have a say in what you create, consider adding choices to their invitations.
  • Buy supplies. Set the stage for a great party by making sure you have all the supplies needed to make sure everyone is able to complete the painting, and have enough to drink while they are there.

One Week Before

  • Plan your menu. Because you want to be able to enjoy your party as well, prepare your menu and some snacks in advance. We suggest easy to pass around and eat foods, since everyone’s attention will be on their paintings!
  • Purchase your drinks. You can’t have a paint and sip without the drinks! If you don’t know exactly what everyone likes, get a variety of small bottles rather than just a few large ones. This is a great time to ask for suggestions!

The Day Before

  • Give your home a deep clean. Possibly the only downside to a party is the house cleaning you have to do before everyone comes (and inevitably messes everything up anyways). And of course, don’t forget to clean your wine glasses!
  • Rearrange furniture. Make room for chairs and easels by moving large pieces of furniture out of the way or to another room.

The Morning of

  • Buy ice. It’s the simplest things that always get forgotten! Just before party time, make sure you buy plenty of ice so that your wine bottles stay chilled all night long.
  • Cover your floors. Protect your floors so you don’t have to clean them later by covering them with drop cloths!
  • Set up your supplies. From folding chairs to paints, make sure everything is laid out so that guests can begin gathering supplies and mingling the moment they walk in.

Hosting a party is no easy feat. If your hands are full with dinner menus and decorations, let us help knock one thing off your to-do list. Give Complete Maid call to learn how we can create a customized plan for your home and needs!