What is a lock-out fee or lock-out charge?

by Complete Maid - September 6, 2019

This policy, separate from our cancellation fee, applies to appointments where the following criteria are met:

  1. There was no contact prior to the scheduled time to indicate that you wanted to cancel the appointment. You can always cancel online, by phone, or by text up to 48 hours in advance for no fee, or within 48 hours of your appointment for a $50 fee.
  2. The team arrives at your property within the arrival window and attempts to follow the instructions provided for access to the home. (We will always knock as well if we aren’t able to access the home with the supplied code, key, or entry method noted.)
  3. We are not able to contact you via the phone number provided within a timely manner. We will call and leave a message indicating the team has arrived at the property but is unable to access it.

We make every attempt to avoid this fee, including last minute rescheduling or alternate entry methods if we are able to contact you. If these criteria are met, and we are unable to access the property using the method provided, you will be assessed the full service charge for your appointment. We will also suspend service until contact is made to continue service.

We also understand that mistakes happen and we don’t want to heavily penalize our continued customers even if they were assessed a lock-out fee. For this reason, if you decide to continue service, 50% of the lock-out fee will apply to your next 2 bookings with our company. (25% each visit)