Spend July Fourth In A Clean House

by Complete Maid - June 25, 2018

American Flag and text

Celebrate July 4th with a clean house!

Complete Maid Appreciates Our Veterans

Our owner served in the Military for 8 years. Although he was never deployed, some of his best and oldest friends are the people he met and served with during this time. It is because of our Veterans that we can still celebrate the freedom that makes our country the greatest in the world. July Fourth is a day to celebrate our independence as a country. To honor those who keep it that way we are offering our services to Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighters, and their families for a 20% discount. Call us today to book this special discount!

Statue of Liberty and Fireworks

The Statue of Liberty asks “Can this deal get any sweeter?”

Let’s sweeten the deal…

To make this deal even sweeter, and to help everyone get ready for the big day we are offering a 10% discount with code JULY4 to all of our customers between now and July 6th. Call today to book, or book online. Thank you to all who make this country great. That’s each and every American out there!